“We only use 100% Real Human Hair. There are only 3 sources of hair that we use. Hair Extensions, Wigs of real Human hair, and raw hair that we procure on the open market using “Fair Trade Practices”. Much of our hair and Wigs have  been used and donated  by  Hollywood Stars and Music Celebrities and only used for a short period of time. and Donors who send us their hair in the form of cut Pony Tails.” 

All of our hair is tagged as to who it came from. Each wig bears a list of who donated the individual extensions or pony tails. in the case of wigs it is usually one owner. This allows the recipient to send a quick thank you note or video, preferably (wearing your new hair) so that the donor knows who received their hair. These are sent directly to us and we will forward them to the donor(s). We also from time to time will post them on our site. 




We take the Hair Extensions and first put them through a thorough cleaning process prior to them entering the manufacturing process. The attachment points are cut away and the hair is combined with others of the same hair type to manufacture a complete wig.



Wigs are thoroughly cleaned and any repairs necessary are made in our partner Red Thread Beauty’s Factory. they are then stored awaiting the person who it fits best. any minor sizing corrections are performed in the factory assuring a perfect fit every time 




Donor Hair is all cleaned and processed and tagged prior to being put into production. most donated pony tails and hair extensions are stored until needed in production