Create change with your hair A single donation makes a world of difference.


Two, Three
Getting involved is easy.

Step 1: Make The Decision

We accept any ponytail donations of 10″ or longer. Your donation will go towards making wigs, hair accessories and hats for women and children. We accept hair from any age, gender, hair type or color as long as it is properly prepared and in good condition.

Step 2: Donate

Next step, please send in your collected ponytails and information to Revolve Glamour or The BeYouTiful Foundation to guarantee your hair is going to the right place! Once received, your donation goes to our local state of the art facility where your hair will become a gorgeous Revolve Glam Wig or hair accessory!

Step 3: Watch

Your contribution doesn’t go unnoticed! Once a wig or accessory is complete, you will be notified of who receives your generous donation and how it has affected someone who so greatly needs it! Thank you!

Whatever Works for YouWe accept both PayPal and Credit Card.

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