Apply for A Wig

You have gone through enough pain and emotional turmoil so we make the process simple.

What we need is:

A  copy of your medical diagnosis simply a note/prescription from your Doctor will suffice to start the process.

Your Name, Address, Phone number and E-Mail.


Wig Fitting and Measurements 

Once you are approved:

if you live in the Los Angeles or Las Vegas area you can come directly to us for a custom fitting.

If you live outside those areas we will send you (it can be downloaded also), which gives you all the information to make measurements for your wigs.

We can direct you to a Salon that can do the measurements for you if you do not know one.

We can walk you through the measuring system via Skype or Face time etc., so that you can do it in the privacy of your home.  


Once we have your measurements , the production process will start. This can be from 4-8 weeks total production time.

You can call us at 800-586-7380

or Via E-Mail