For over 40 years, the founders of the Revolve Glamour Foundation have been making luxury wigs for A-List celebrities world wide. As wig experts, the founders have dedicated their time to perfecting the art of creating the most natural looking, luxurious hair pieces with top of the line materials and craftsmanship. 


Aside from being wigmakers to the stars, they have also been making these custom wigs for women and children who have lost their hair due to cancer fighting treatments, auto immune diseases, as well as simple baldness. Having great hair is pivotal in making any woman feel glamorous and beautiful. When someone loses their hair for any reason, they often lose much of their confidence along with it. Styling a wig on the head of someone for the first time and seeing their eyes light up with an aura of confidence is what inspired Revolve Glamour to be born.


A 100% not for profit organization,  the Revolve Glamour Foundation is dedicated to giving these women and children a  well deserved life changing experience.  The labor that goes into making such a wig including coloring, cut, and style is out of many peoples’ price range. But, the founders believe that everyone should have a chance to achieve their ultimate glamour and feel that a receiving a Revolve Glamour wig will make someones difficult journey a little easier. This is why Revolve collects lightly used wigs and extensions and transforms them into new, beautiful custom hair pieces that will change someone’s life.

Mark Lipp


Mark, after a very successful 30 year career in tech, broadband industry manufacturing, RF and Fiber optic products for the Broadband industry, joined his wife in Naama Hair and Wigs LLC. His expertise in Manufacturing and Operations has helped them advance their manufacturing prowess domestically and has moved what has been offshore manufacturing back to the United States. 



piny Benzaken


Piny is considered one of the foremost pioneers in the art of hair replacement and enhancement. He is internationally renowned for creating the world’s most natural looking hair extensions, wigs and hair pieces for both men and women. 

Since 1975  Celebrities began to flock to his door, including Liberace, Dolly Parton and even Farrah Fawcett, whose famous head of hair was enhanced with hair extensions. Today Piny’s impressive A-list celebrities make him the ” Go To Guy” for wigs and hair extensions.

Yhali Lipp


Yhali Lipp has been manufacturing wigs for over 20 years! Her unique and forward thinking designs have led to patent pending products over the last few years.  Incorporating  these new and advanced designs and technologies have made her company,  Naama Hair and Wigs LLC, a leader in the field of custom and semi-custom Wigs and hairpieces.



Shiry benzaken-raz


Shiry Benzaken-Raz has been a protege of Piny for many years. An artist is her own right,  she is in high demand by many celebrity A-List celebrities for her expertise in extensions. Shiry has developed many products and patents that are revolutionary to the Extension and Wig Business.