Revolve GlamourBecause everyone deserves to feel beautiful.

As a 100% not for profit corporation, The Revolve Glamour Foundation has a simple mission. To help women, and children who have lost their hair due to cancer or any other medical condition feel beautiful again!


The RGF is dedicated to changing people’s lives, one wig at a time. We create luxury wigs and hair accessories from "hair" donations we collect from celebrities, clients, and salons who wish to make an impact in the community. Anything helps in bringing a bright, more beautiful life to those suffering from hair loss.

The Mission StatementWe put quality first.

We are determined to give these well deserving people, dealing with the effects of hair loss, the opportunity to have a “Celebrity Glam” like experience. They will receive a top of the line Customized Luxury Wig that will be colored and styled by a top stylist.

The wig will come with a certification letter informing them who is to thank for the hair donated to make their wig. All of our services and the services of our affiliates are donated to this project. No outside expenses are paid.  All of what comes in is donated…


The DetailsHow you can contribute.

  • Step 1: Donate Hair

    It takes 10 - 20 ponytails to make just one wig! Revolve Glamour collects your ponytails and then wigs are created at our local state of the art facility where they become gorgeous Revolve Glam Wigs and other hair accessories for women and children suffering from medically-induced hair-loss conditions such as Cancer, Alopecia, Trichotillomania to name a few.

  • Step 2: Gift Your Extensions

    Donate your extensions and give the gift of confidence! We only accept 100% HUMAN HAIR extensions, as originally verified and labelled by the product supplier. All Hair Extensions must be prepared and donated in the same way as freshly cut ponytails. Please DO NOT include clips, bonds or tape in the donation.

  • Step 3: Send in Your Wigs

    We gladly take used 100% human hair wigs and repurpose them. Whether they're refurbished and used to create hair accessories/hats, you can guarantee they will go to someone who will benefit from your donation!

HOW WE DO ITRevolve Glamour .



Take action and make a difference with us. Your contribution, of time, money or ponytails will directly impact the lives of those in need.


Communicating with more salons and individuals of the importance and need for hair donations helps big time! Spread the hair movement with us and give the gift of confidence.


We've teamed up with The BeYOUtiful Foundation to create an even greater impact. They connect with salons to bring ponytails to Revolve Glamour. If your salon wants to be involved - email us!

the process Where our hair comes from.

“We only use 100% Real Human Hair. There are only 3 sources of hair that we use. Hair Extensions, wigs of real human hair, and raw hair that we procure on the open market using “Fair Trade Practices”. Much of our hair and wigs have been used and donated by Hollywood Stars and Music Celebrities and only used for a short period of time and donors who send us their hair in the form of cut pony tails.”

All of our hair is tagged as to who it came from. Each wig bears a list of who donated the individual extensions or pony tails. This allows the recipient to send a quick thank you note or video, preferably (wearing your new hair) so that the donor knows who received their hair. These are sent directly to us and we will forward them to the donor(s).